Posted by: kcollazo | August 31, 2010

Poor Nick?

Do you think it was fair of Mrs. Granger to assign Nick the oral report?  Explain your opinion using details that occured in the book, and your own experiences! Make sure you proofread your work before you click Submit!

Posted by: kcollazo | August 25, 2010

Puzzle Teamwork

Teamwork is very important!  If we want to have a successful year together, we will need to help each other out and build each other up!  As you write your comments, answer these questions about our puzzle activity.

  1. What did you think was the hardest part about the activity and why did you think it made accomplishing the task difficult?
  2. What strategies did your team use to accomplish the task?
  3. What worked best for your team?
  4. How do you think we can use these skills to be a better Collazo Cove this year?
Posted by: kcollazo | May 28, 2010

Building Homes of Our Own

Now that you’ve had a chance to be a home builder, I’d like to hear your opinions and what you’ve learned so far.  First of all explain the project to our readers who don’t know about it, and then tell us how your team is doing!  What have you been able to do so far, what do you like about it, what is challenging about it?

Posted by: kcollazo | April 30, 2010

More Egg-cellent Books!

Now that you’ve gotten into your newest Literature Circle book, choose an egg and tell me how you would answer the question you find inside!  Keep up the great writing with lots of details!  You’re so smart!

Posted by: kcollazo | April 21, 2010

“Egg-cellent” Work!

You did such a great job on your last blog comment, I wanted you to have the opportunity to choose a different egg this time!  So after you choose an egg, post your comments about your literature circle book.  I LOVE the way most of you started your comments with the question or prompt that was in the egg!  Let’s make sure we do that again!

Posted by: kcollazo | April 14, 2010

Cracking Eggs on Literature Circle Books!

Now that you’ve gotten into our new books (and aren’t they great!), I would like to know some things you’ve learned so far!

So, crack open an egg and tell me all about what’s inside!

Posted by: kcollazo | April 7, 2010

Spring Break Memories

Can you believe Spring Break is over already?  The weather was perfect!  What was the best part about your spring break?  Remember to tell us who you were with, where you were, what you were doing, and why it was a great memory!

Posted by: kcollazo | March 11, 2010

What Would It Be Like to Be Homeless?

Now that you have read some of the amazing statistics and facts about how many kids are homeless around the world, what are your thoughts?  How would it feel to be homeless?  What did you think about what you read and saw?

Posted by: kcollazo | March 10, 2010

Day at the Museums!

Yesterday was a fantastic day!  What a wonderful trip we took to the NC Museum of Natural Science and the NC Museum of History!

Since I wasn’t with each of you for the trip, I would like to know what your favorite parts of the visit were.  Make sure you include lots of details about what you saw, heard, and even sometimes, smelled!

Check over your comment before submitting to make sure it is your BEST work!

Posted by: kcollazo | February 22, 2010

The Amazing Amazon

We read about the amazing pink dolphins of the Amazon River.  Now you’ve had a chance to watch a short video to learn more about the interesting Amazon River and its inhabitants.  Tell us all about what you learned!

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